Digital Repair Cafe


Digital Repair Cafe is a project of Automatisering Ingest Digitale Archieven.

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Digital Repair Cafe is a project of Amsab-ISG (coordinator), ADVN, AMVB, AVG-CARHIF, CAVA, Letterenhuis, VAi and meemoo, with support of the Flemish government. In this project a central service to capture data from obsolete media is developed. The service is managed by meemoo, Flemish Inistute for Archives.

Obsolete media are all the media containing digital data that still work technically, but which can no longer be read by modern computers. Examples include 5.25-inch floppy disks, Zip disks, magneto-optical disks and various tape formats.

Contact Maarten Savels (Amsab-ISG) for more information about the project.



Identifying media

Capturing content

Included: setup and workflow